alpha: ('al-feh) the point of being first
chic: (shek) a distinctive manner
fitness: (fit-ness) the quality of being fit                                     



Alpha Chic Fitness


At the ACF Studio, WE DON'T BELIEVE IN SCALES. When we weigh ourselves, it can get discouraging with water retention, muscle building, and other factors that play into fluctuating numbers, so we measure inches lost. The video below shows clients who have recently lost several inches all over their body, proving that consistently eating well and being fit, truly does pay off! Since April 15, 2013, ACF clients have collectively lost 92 inches and counting!!!  However, those are just results of long term goals to maintain a wellness lifestyle. The rewards are never ending when you choose to improve eating habits, increasing daily physical activity, and investing in your most important asset...your health!  Check out more success stories under the "More" tab!

Eat Well...Move Around

Alpha Chic Fitness nutrition coaching teaches "clean eating concepts", which are guidelines for healthy eating, tailoring a healthy plan to fit your schedule and lifestyle.

Training can be done 1:1 or a small group class in a private training gym. This can be achieved in single sessions or 30-60-90 day programs covering cardio fitness, strength, and flexibility training set in a friendly, personal environment.




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