alpha: ('al-feh) the point of being first
chic: (shek) a distinctive manner
fitness: (fit-ness) the quality of being fit                                     




Hi! I am Jana James, owner and founder of Alpha Chic Fitness.  My passion is teaching fitness and nutrition for real people.  WHO ARE THE REAL PEOPLE?  Real people have lives…busy lives. We are the ones with crazy work schedules…with kids, dogs, bills, family drama, vacations, car problems, holidays, disorganized kitchen junk drawers, leaky hot water tanks, in-laws…an overall sense that we cannot seem to get in control of our chaos, no matter how many shortcuts we try on Pinterest.

Real people go to birthday parties. And we eat birthday cake. Then we feel guilty for a week because we wonder how we will ever lose the weight or burn it off. If you are a real person then raise your hand…c’mon…it’s just between us. Real life does not afford many healthy options without planning and preparing, which can be stressful in itself.  I have found solutions and shortcuts making a wellness lifestyle more simple and "do-able", even with my own busy life with five children. My training and coaching is for dads who travel too much, moms who are pulled in a hundred directions, teenagers who think they are invincible, senior citizens who think it is too late to make healthy changes, and pretty much anyone who feels that a wellness lifestyle is too difficult to obtain. I’m here to tell you that you CAN do it. If I can do it, ANYONE can do it!   


 'Cause I’ve been there…and I ate the cake.



At the ACF Studio, WE DON'T BELIEVE IN SCALES. When we weigh ourselves, it can get discouraging with water retention, muscle building, and other factors that play into fluctuating numbers, so we measure inches lost. The video below shows clients who have recently lost several inches all over their body, proving that consistently eating well and being fit, truly does pay off!  However, those are just results of long term goals to maintain a wellness lifestyle.

The rewards are never ending when you choose to improve eating habits, increasing daily physical activity, and investing in your most important asset...your health!  The way to accomplish a wellness lifestyle is through CONSISTENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY. Consistency is obtainable through discipline and routine, in your food choices and your activity. Accountability is obtained by checking in with a partner or trainer to keep you on track.  These two things are our main focus at Alpha Chic Fitness Studio. This can be done at the onsite location or you may use our online trainer assistance. 


                                                   FRIENDS MAKE THE BEST TRAINING BUDDIES. 


Alpha Chic Fitness nutrition coaching teaches "clean eating concepts", which are guidelines for healthy eating, using whole foods to tailor an optimal plan to fit your schedule and lifestyle. This is the MOST important aspect of making lasting changes. It is proven that 80% of health improvements are due to healthier food choices. Our nutrition coaching consists of whole food education, including recipes, menus, how to shop, and when and what to eat to maximize your metabolism.

Personal fitness training can be done 1:1 or a small group class in a private training gym. This can be achieved in single sessions or 30-60-90 day programs covering cardio fitness, strength, and flexibility training set in a friendly, personal environment.




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